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Better home coffee with Silverbird Roasting

Silverbird Roasting Co. Logo, Thin black capital lettering, "SILVERBIRD" is largest word.

At Silverbird Roasting Co., a Minnesota-based coffee company, they believe better coffee shouldn't be harder.

We agree.

Now at Coffee Ta Cream, you can get two amazing coffee bean flavors from Silverbird: Super Nova and Tone Bender.

Read on to learn about these delicious blends.


Super Nova

Sweet & Rich

Chocolate • Dark Berries • Citrus

12. oz. bag

Circle label for Super Nova coffee flavor. Solid deep red color with black and white accent colors. "Signature blend. Super Nova. Brazil Guatemala & Ethiopia. Sweet & Rich. Chocolate, Dark Berries, & Citrus."

SuperNova is "created to be sweet and rich, whether you choose to enjoy it as an espresso or brewed coffee. The structured chocolate foundation gives this coffee enough body and sweetness to be represented well in all brew methods.

This iteration blends coffees from Brazil, Guatemala, and Ethiopia to create a smooth chocolate base with sweet berry overtones that transforms into a sparkling citric finish. We built this blend to be a refined, modern interpretation of classic espresso." – Silverbird Roasting Co.


Tone Bender

Rich & Smooth

Crème Brûlée • Amaretto • Cocoa Nib

12. oz. bag

Circle label for Tone Bender coffee flavor. Soft earthy green color with black and white accent colors. "Dark blend. Tone Bender. Colombia & Papua New Guinea. Rich & Smooth. Crème Brûlée, Amaretto, Cocoa Nib."

Tone Bender is a "tribute to a simple circuit, from the Summer of '65, which changed music in immeasurable ways. This coffee has deep and rich notes of classic desserts and fine cigars. We see notes of dark chocolate, toasted sugar and ripe cherries. Floating as overtones you can pick up hints of cedar, almond, and dried tobacco leaf.

Currently, the Tone Bender is a blend of coffees from Colombia & Papua New Guinea. They interact beautifully, creating a blend that is rich and full in the cup. The darker profile also grants the coffee enough heft to cut through the mix of milk and sugar if that is your style." – Silverbird Roasting Co.


At Coffee Ta Cream, all coffee is freshly ground on site - which allows absolute freshness and flavor in every cup!

Now, you can bring that high-quality freshness and flavor home. But, don't bring home just any coffee. Bring home the good stuff. We've got you covered.

Grab a bag of Silverbird coffee beans at Coffee Ta Cream and savor a cup each morning in your fancy pajamas.

Make your home coffee better with Silverbird roasted coffee beans. >

Which flavor will you try: Super Nova or Tone Bender? Maybe both.

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