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We Proudly Feature Sebastian Joe's Ice Cream, Our Local Favorite

Did you know we feature Sebastian Joe's Ice Cream, which is hand crafted in Minneapolis? We're not the only ones who've declared Sebastian Joe's our favorite sweet treat in the city.

Scoop of Sebastian Joe's Oreo Ice Cream with large Oreo chunks
Sebastian Joe's Oreo Ice Cream - One of their seven signature flavors

Sebastian Joe's has been making ice cream for over thirty years in South Minneapolis. They're known for a wide variety of delicious and creative flavors, with over 100 in their archive!

Each day, small batches of fresh ice cream are hand crafted with all natural ingredients from the best sources available and never with artificial flavors or colors.

Sebastian Joe’s is a salute to our grandfather [Sebastiano] and is and always will be an independent, family run scoop shop for our customers, our employees, and our fantastic city!

We are proud to support another local, family run business like Sebastian Joe's. Stop by Coffee Ta Cream to try the latest flavor - it might taste a little sweeter knowing each scoop is made with care.

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