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Introducing Freedom Studios - bath and body products sold at Coffee Ta Cream

Simply Perfect Sunday is the line of bath and beauty products created by Freedom Studios, now available for purchase at Coffee Ta Cream.

Freedom Stories is born from love

One of the many obstacles survivors of human trafficking face is employment. Freedom Studios exists to create an empowering work environment where survivors can heal through meaningful employment. Our mission is to give survivors the keys to freedom and unlock a new and better chapter in their lives through empowerment, training and economic independence. We take pride in providing hand crafted, quality bath and body goods to our customers and business partners. Our dedication to our customers is to provide a way for them to partner with us against modern day slavery while enjoying our many collections.

The story of Freedom Studios

Founded in 2020, owner of Simply Perfect, Penny Klinedinst along with Beth Gammel and Christin Majerus felt the tug to do something more in the community. Together they created Freedom Studios to create beautiful bath and body products as well as create meaningful employment for survivors of human trafficking. Freedom Studios partnered with Non-Profit, Call to Freedom who helps survivors by providing safe housing, counseling and treatment in South Dakota. Freedom Studios saw that a big part of survivors healing was to offer meaningful employment for the women Call to Freedom assists. Survivors can heal in the most practical way, with an empowering job through Freedom Studios. This helps get them back on their feet financially and reintegrate into the workforce. Each product created in the studio is lovingly made by a survivor.

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